There are 35 students in this class.

They're great kids.

I'll ask her a very simple question.


Maybe Vladislav has something to hide.


Are you studying languages, too?

He is not so stupid as to be unable to tell right from wrong.

The sum of two plus three plus four is nine.


He has all the luck.

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The European currencies have weakened against the dollar.


I didn't want her to see me like that.


Brett can help you do that, I think.

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She was obviously dying to know.

Marci decided that we should put the canoe inside the house until the storm passed.

I used to have a job as a security guard at a bank.

The wandering heifer's earmark revealed that it had escaped from the farm down the road.

I keep thinking about Pierre.

It might be discreet of you to bend a little to the prevailing wind.

It was almost too easy.


You have until midnight.


My mother told me to behave myself.


Could I have a word with Loren?


I've cut myself.


Doesn't that bother you?


She is by no means beautiful.

Dan said he could sleep in the basement.

Everett eventually became a doctor.

Can we recycle this?

Dan had been in and out of jail for years.

This fish is delicious.

I'm delighted to see you again.

He is always laughing.

I memorized the powers of two up to twenty-four.


Charlie isn't in any of my classes.


I love Korean food because of the hot spices.

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Edgar is not afraid to speak his mind.

I have patients who need me.

He uses extreme care when he drives in the rain.

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What happened then?


I can't convince him.

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The rock projected over us like a roof.

The elderly man was almost run over by a car.

A lot of bicycles are illegally parked in front of the station.


Bullying is Dan's favorite hobby.


Can I get some help here?

These aren't real.

I'm not stopping.

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Those students are Korean.

What do you think is the best way to learn English?

Roxanne was wearing a tux.

Last year in Nagoya I ate a very delicious dish called "Shoujin Ryouri".

It's for the greater good.

Last summer, I worked part time on the farm.

Can I have the doctor look at me?

I wonder what Masanao is planning.

I know the perfect place for our party.

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Newton discovered that a force is required to change the speed or direction of movement of an object.


We're very proud of Blaine.

Are we screwed?

The joke's on me.


I'm not involving her.

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Don't miss the opportunity of taking this trip!


Are you my enemy?


Thank you for calling me on time.

I don't know if we can do that without Laurel's permission.

What don't you want us to see?

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We have four French classes a week.

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Radek has hired a lawyer.

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The lawyer needed to take the interests of both parties into consideration.

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Let's congratulate them.

I didn't want to know.

The doctor will be back before long.

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There were no real problems.

Simon shivered when he saw the black cat.

This isn't fun anymore.

Thank you very much if the shipment has already been made and please disregard this inquiry.

Ariel cut the wire and defused the bomb.

Asahara thinks himself a savior.

Where is the newspaper?

Mac was allowed to sleep.

Many local dialects seem to be dying out.

That's good to hear!

The girl is pulling her mom's hair.


You should make your own decisions.

They collected shells on the beach.

Stay for supper.


This is a plan that takes into account your stature and your ability to guard. By all means do it for me.


I was extremely lucky.

That's actually the good news.

I've been considering your proposal.

Some analysts consider Somalia as the failed state par excellence.

A distinct idea is defined as one which contains nothing which is not clear.

No one objected.

The fact that these assertions have consistently proved to be without foundation unfortunately does not prevent their repetition.

Come on back, OK?

Maurice has a good heart.

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The best way to improve English quickly is lots of practice.

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No one knows what to say.


Japan claims the Northern Territories for its own.

Someone stole my stuff.

That's what we hope will happen.

The flickering black-and-white television set bothered my exhausted eyes.

Shuvra offered Renu a stick of gum.


This relationship between Portugal and the United States is still maintained today.

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I would've let them do it.

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You shouldn't demean people who aren't as smart as you are. Remember: no matter how smart you may be, there will always be someone even smarter.


We'll see what Pratapwant has to say.

There's no need to bite my head off!

She agreed to give us an interview.

Pamela insisted on helping me.

She's perfect at everything.

I've just been mugged.

We'll decide it like men, bring the dice!

The plane appears to have vanished into thin air.

This stew would taste better if you added some black pepper.

Injuries are frequent.

Why don't you head on home?

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A man's worth lies not in what he has but in what he is.

He made nothing of hardship.

Merton looked under the car.


Which is cheaper?

I'm up here.

I was at a loss what to do on that occasion.

You should keep your windshield clean.

Using a special instrument called a spectrometer, observations of Eris show it has frozen methane on its surface.

This TV doesn't come with an HDMI cable.

If it rains, he won't come.

Hwa has never been able to beat me.

You need to give Benson some money.

She is a student at the university.

Be careful not to be late.

Mott will see us.

You are either with us, or against us.


Ross went to the barbershop near the hospital to get his hair cut.

The patient was quite beyond help, so that the doctors could do no more.

There are many different types of cookies.

We hope to see you there.

Ti had never driven a truck.


I'll look it over later.

The economy of Aomori Prefecture depends heavily on apple growing.

Do you know a man named Rajesh Jackson by any chance?


The dean sighed and said: "I think that this woman is perhaps... my own cousin".

Now you've mentioned it, I remember coming here with my parents when I was a child.

I knew you would tell Oliver about what we did.


We're about the same height.

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They felt United States' farmers were poorer than they should be.

I don't care about being popular.

"Why did Naomi do that?" "Do what?"


It is too dark to play outside.